Technicat LLC

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software in sunny Las Vegas


Talk Dim Sum on the App Store (actively maintained), and HyperBowl on the App Store and Steam (not maintained at all).

Recent client projects include Cinefex iPad Edition.

Past Projects

My latest résumé in JSON lists past projects, and an old one in XML is still hanging around.

HomeTeam GameDev interviewed me for their podcast, and I presented some career slides to the Ren’py class taught by Pam Lipson.

I wrote Learn Unity 4 for iOS Game Development, published by Apress (obsolete but still in print), and self-published (and un-published) Technicat on Software.

For Fun

Made little Unity games under the Fugu Games label (check out the logos).

Calculating pi in Processing and Scheme, writing Ask an Asian American in Ink, learning Godot, and scripting tools in Gauche.

Many of these projects are partly or wholly open source on Github.